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A wide sunburst strip features a discreet minute track near the chapter ring and includes an hour rim with Roman numerals, which are also black. I wore the Dark Side of the Moon for a little over a week. gives the very best of the actual classic entire world into modern times using a exquisite setup that will astound people watchlifestylers wanting to avoid the problems that classic purchasing may bring. Overall, I think this is a really nice release from JLC and shows that there continues to be a trend towards less frilly, larger women's watches. In stainless steel, the Rendez-Vous Night Day Large retails for , 800 in steel on a strap, , 900 in steel on a bracelet, and , 600 in pink gold with the diamond bezel. Especially in steel, this is pretty good value relative to what else I've seen lately. For more information, visit replica Jaeger-LeCoultre online.

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